New products

This year Barosz company launched two new products, the Electric Tube End-Forming Machine SBG 125 E and the Up-cut saw SBG 400. The products were designed and manufactured in cooperation with our customers and according to their expectations. The main target of the production was product safety and reaching the highest safety standards.

SBG 125 E

Tube end-forming machine SBG 125 E is a two-slot machine with with helical-roller mechanisms driven by servo motors. In addition, the machine has a tool rotation servo in each socket and the possibility to set any rotation angle of the tool after each work cycle. The use of servo drives increases the safety level and simplifies the operation of the device. It also allows for the precise stroke configuration with an accuracy of 0.01 mm, adjustment of the force acting on the tool, setting the movement speed and high repeatability of programmed parameters.

Thanks to that, precise pipes calibration with an accuracy of 0.01 mm is possible. Servo drives enable generating the same force in both directions and the machine, depending on the tools used, is able to increase or decrease the diameter of the pipe, make cuts or holes in the side of the pipe and carry out other technological operations.

The machine is equipped with full HMI control on the touch panel, which allows precise adjustment of parameters. There is the possibility of saving 50 most often used settings and archiving the production process. The purchase of the tube end-forming machine manufactured in this technology reduces the costs of the device maintainance, lack of the hydraulic parts reduces the need for maintenance, the risk associated with the wear of individual components decreases, and the machine is more reliable and safer. The device works quietly and cleanly.

Supply voltage400 VAC 50 Hz
Control voltage 24 VAC
Installed power14 kVA
Maximum current power consumption4,5 kW
Drive typesservo engines
Nominal axial force100 kN
Tube diameter38 mm - 80 mm
Expanding length100 mm
Tube thicknessto 2 mm
Tool rotation angleprogrammable
External dimensions with the operation panel1300x750x1800 mm
Weight940 kg

SBG 400

The up-cut saw SBG 400 equipped with a standardized Ø 400 circular saw is designed for cutting steel, cast iron or light metal rods, pipes and profiles. The cutting material is mounted on a rotary table by means of a hydraulic pressure from the top. In a special version dedicated to cutting pipes, a fixture is mounted to the table. The machine also has the option of miter cutting within ± 90 ° with an accuracy of 0.1°. After setting the cutting angle the turntable is locked. The up-cut saw designed by our company is a response to the needs of automotive market leaders.

Supply voltage3 x 400 V - 50 Hz
Control voltage24 VDC
Hydraulic power supply:
  • Pump efficiency
25 dm3
  • Nominal pressure
30 bar
Power of electric motors:
  • Circular saw motor drive
3 kW
  • Hydraulic motors
1,5 kW
Circular saw feed rate:
  • Infinitely variable regulation on the controller scale
0÷1,4 m/min.
  • Quick return of the saw blade
3,7 m/min.
Maximum blade diameter400 mm
Blade thickness0,5 mm - 4 mm
Cutting speed9÷30 m/min.
Saw blade mountingacc. to DIN 8576
  • Mounting hole
Ø 50H7
  • Driving pins diameter
d=13 mm
  • Driving pins holes
d=15 mm
  • Driving pins pitch diameter
d=80 mm
Maximum detail dimensions:
  • Round material 90°/45°
Ø 130 mm
  • Square material 90°
Ø 120 mm
  • Square material 45°
Ø 110 mm
Maximum clamping stroke200 mm
Angle cut angular range ± 90°
Speed9 - 30 m/min.
Cooling system Pneumatic pump with adjustable coolant outflow
Weight0,95 t