Gantries Construction - comprehensive implementation of tasks from design to completion of the investment

Control over each stage of the process is crucial, that is why we offer a comprehensive investment process

Stages of our activity:

  • we design in a modern design and technology office,
  • we manufacture repeatable components and prefabricates,
  • we prepare a temporary traffic organization while operating on roads,
  • we install protective barriers and crash cushions,
  • thanks to appropriate equipment and professional staff we carry out construction works in the field of prefabricated foundations installation, steel structure installation and land reclamation.

Quality determinants:

  • quality management systems certified by TÜV NORD guarantee the highest precision and repeatability of the performance, ensuring efficient technical acceptance,
  • flexible production and human resources capacities allow us to adapt to the needs of planned investments.

We specialize in:

  • construction of gantries of the National ViaTOLL Electronic Toll Collection System,
  • construction of gantries and other vertical signs of road signs,
  • construction of railway tractions,
  • construction of other supporting structures.

Find out more about one of our key projects

Task: construction of gantries of the National ViaTOLL Electronic Toll Collection System installed on DK 91, DK 92, S1, S3, S6, S7, S8, S12, S14, S61, S69, A1, A4, A6
Investor: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
Customer: Kapsch Telematic Services Sp. z o.o.
Work range:
1. Design and negotiations with the investor included:
  • design and construction projects,
  • road engineering projects,
  • temporary and permanent traffic organization projects,
  • power connection projects,
  • teletechnical connections projects,
2. Foundation construction and land reclamation.
3. Steel Gantry fabrication and assembly.
4. Power connections construction.
5. Teletechnical connections construction.
6. Construction of road safety equipment (road safety barriers, crash cushions and road signs).
7. Reconstruction of pavements, roadsides and ditches.

We have performed the above-mentioned scope of works in a very efficient and professional manner, and the quality of our works was appreciated by the Customer - Kapsch Telematic Services. Thanks to an experienced engineering and technical staff, who in difficult construction conditions efficiently solved problems, what resulted in the implementation of the task on time.

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